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Anti-aging medicine : Harmonising inner beauty and appearance

We all want to stay young, beautiful and healthy forever. Despite that aging is one of the most natural processes of the world, we can help to slow down the clock, thanks to science and medicine. The anti-aging medicine helps us to keep our beauty intact over the years, our body fit and enjoy good health into old age.

The anti-aging medicine provides a holistic approach to the person and have different fields of action in this regard: genetics, physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, endocrinology, psychophysiology, aesthetic medicine and physical education targeted.

Inner harmony and sheer good looks: ADLER BALANCE Anti-Aging strengthens the body’s natural defences and supports regeneration of the whole organism. That helps counteract the first signs of the passage of time. Facial and full-body treatments are combined with mental applications to help you maintain good health and keep in shape.

With the term Aging Aesthetic we outline a path that combines the aesthetic medicine with anti-aging and helps you to "age in beauty", while providing effective 360° prevention.

Relax and feel the effects of a treatment adapted specifically to your needs. Enjoy the pleasure of being in harmony with your own body and an enhanced sense of wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.


Dr. med. Rossana Lo Monaco, is specialist in Plastic Surgery and Head of Department of Aesthetic Medicine of our ADLER MED center. Her objective is to bring the host to a greater awareness of their body in its entirety.

Assuming that anti-aging is a choice that always starts from the individual, she offers an individual and holistic "path" focused on every single person.

Combining lifestyle habits with non-invasive aesthetic treatments, which are not limited to the correction of small imperfections, but tend to stimulate the natural processes of regeneration and repair of tissues, it is possible to reconcile the best outer beauty to 'inner harmony.

Its mission is to enable you to maintain and enhance your natural beauty and at the same time provide effective prevention, all on the basis of a careful assessment of your current physical and mental condition.

Anti Aging Treatments

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