Medical Spa Hotel

Health Spa Retreat: care, recovery, regeration

Health is our most precious asset. At the ADLER MED Health Center we are perfectly aware of this and create tailored programmes and strategies to prevent and benefit from your energetic resources.

The qualified team of doctors and professionals from our medical spa and wellness retreat takes care of your health and turns your holiday in a journey to yourself with programmes aimed at managing daily stress, preventing and recovering from burnout and reaching a complete and lasting feeling of well-being.

Preventive diagnosis, a healthy and balanced diet, physical exercise and regenerating spa & wellness treatments: this is our recipe for a long life based on the principles of the Modern Mayr Medicine, which has granted a salutary and joyful life to thousands of people for more than a century. Few basic principles, a holistic and careful approach to individual needs, a personal nutrition plan, physical exercise and mental coaching as a way to balance body, mind and soul  health spa retreat.

Our task: health and inner harmony as a new form of holiday.

  • Weekend at the Christmas Village
    1.12 - 21.12 | 3 nights
    100 emotions, 1000 gift ideas and a host of events not to be missed. Christmas market to live with all 5 senses.
    from € 609,- per person
  • New Year, new start
    14.1 - 4.2 | 4 nights
    Take advantage of the time during your vacation to make a point of your health and together with our doctor you may analyze and evaluate the changes for a healthier life.
    from € 1.436,- per person
28 Feb 2017

Health in Seven Steps

Improve or recover the well-being should be the primary goal of every human being. Even when our mind is directed against others, we should first take care of ourselves because our well-being is reflected in a positive way even on those we love.

In particular, we must take in mind seven key aspects for our mental and physical health, for our welfare and for our spiritual growth.