Life Coaching

Spirit & Energy

4 Programmes


Reiki serves to restore the balance between body and soul. This ancient Japanese art of healing is based on the belief that the universe is filled with an inexhaustible store of energy as the basic ingredient of all life. Reiki therapists use their hands to channel this energy to the body in concentrated form.

Private Yoga

3 sessions € 206
Breathing, movement and relaxation exercises of the body for the spirit.

Breathing exercises

approx. 50 min
We rightly speak of the 'breath of life': We can survive for thirty days without food and three days without water, but for only three minutes at most without breathing. And yet many people make use of only a small portion of their pulmonary capacity. Special exercises are offered to release the blockages and learn deep and uniform breathing.


50 min
The Oriental mystics liked to compare the human mind with a little monkey restlessly jumping from branch to branch. In many ways we are the prisoners of our own thoughts, which deprive us of an eye for the essentials and the spiritual strength on which true repose is based. Meditation helps us to find rest and
contentment and to live in harmony with the world around us.

ADLER Life Coaching

2 Programmes

Motivation training

Initial consultation 80 min. 125 €
Follow-up consultation 50 min. 85 €
Slimming and remaining slim – how is it done? What is important is not to get sidetracked with calorie counting and miracle diets, but to find a firm mental basis for weight reduction. Through the enormous power of thought and changes in habits, slimming can become a permanent and above all fairly effortless undertaking!

Individual stress management

Initial consultation 80 min. 125 €
Follow-up consultation 50 min. 85 €
Following an examination to assess your present situation, you will learn how to employ your personal resources for stress prevention and management with the goal of harmonising the various aspects of your life. The coaching is supported by relaxation exercises designed to meet your individual needs and to help you find a firm foundation within your self, and create islands of relaxation and harmony in your daily life.